BRENDAN RODGERS has suggested Craig Levein may have a case to answer after his latest comments on Scott Brown.

The Hearts manager inferred that Scott Brown got booked on purpose in Celtic’s game against Kilmarnock.

When Rodgers was asked to comment further on Levein’s statement he said:

“If that is what has been said – and I haven’t seen it yet so I have to see it – then he might have something to answer on that.”

Brendan laughed off the Hearts managers latest comments, dismissing them as obsessed but understands the severity of the accusation aimed at his captain.

We would be very surprised if Levein was hauled in front of anyone for these comments.


  1. Levein is nothing more than a Whining faced Eejit….He cant even manage,Thats a Fact.Was he moaning when Hearts put Four past Us…Nooo,He was All Smiles.Typical Jambo trait,Win they are all hunky dory,Get Beat,Its the Injustice of one particular tackle from Broony Our Captain.FFS as if its not Embarrassing Enough facing the most Corrupt Club in Scottish if Not World Football in Sevco 5088.Want to Complain,Levein!!!!Complain about every honest Club that was Mugged off for Years by RainJurZz (iL)..Atleast Complain about something with Facts and Proof of blatantness.Ya Sausage…HH

  2. Typical Scumbag,Levein just like his Brethren Over at the Crumble Dome.Complaining about Anything and Everything Celtic….We score,They Greet,Hearts won by putting Four past us,Not a peep.We beat them,Levein complains about Our Captain…LOLOLOL


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