It seems that if ANY, and I mean ANY job comes up in the footballing world we have all too eager parts of the press ready to send our man packing.

From Manchester United and Arsenal links to Villa and Newcastle – their persistence is admirable.

However, the latest one is just a bridge or a long plane ride too far.

Some press outlets in the UK are touting Brendan Rodgers for the Spartak Moscow job after the club sacked their manager earlier today.

Spartak, who take on Celtic’s Glasgow rivals at Ibrox on Thursday are managerless and in need of new direction.

SO, obviously, Brendan Rodgers fits the bill!

It’s pretty tiresome at this point. The manager has stated why he is at Celtic and continues to do his job at the club.

With Celtic coming out of the other end of their worst spell under Rodgers it’s only natural for some people in the media to fear what comes next.

Let’s try and unsettle the club as much as possible.

So where did this ‘link’ come from? The bookIes!

Brendan Rodgers has ‘been installed’ as the SIXTH favourite to be the next manager of Spartak Moscow.

The Irishman moving top Russia is going off at 11/1, which means if you put a tenner on that happening you will lose a tenner.

Take the day off, eh.


  1. I would think that the teams that have come calling for our manager are just not big enough for him maybe they pay big wages but there set up is not what a manager like Brendan Rodgers needs Look we have one of the best managers in the world and i can see what he is trying to do for the team of his heart he wants Ten in row and i am sure he will be here to see if that can done,forget the Cups but TEN is what he wants if we get a a few cups along the way then great but Ten is his goal and that is what will keep him here for the next two or three seasons plenty people want him to move on,he is a great manager and deep down he wants Ten to set a new record and become a Legend,lets get behind him and bring it home we all want what our manager wants TEN IN A ROW…


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