BRENDAN RODGERS has lavished praise on his centre back pairing ahead of Celtic’s crunch Europa game in Norway.

The Irishman praised both Boyata and Benkovic and made the very bold statement of saying if he had the two of them as his Premier League centre-back pairing down douth he would be very happy.

Rodgers is a great motivator and can build a players confidence to sky-high levels.

This is another example of the Celtic manager instilling confidence in his players, not only Benkovic and Boyata but the rest of the team who look to them to provide a solid base.

Speaking about the pair to Celtic TV on Wednesday evening, the manager said this:

“The two of them are top-class.

“I was talking to someone the other day, and I said if I was managing in the Premier League you would be happy with those two as centre halves.

“Both have different attributes. But they are really stable and secure. They work very well off each other.

“They love playing with us, and it’s great for us as a team to have that stability.

“Sometimes we haven’t had that. So to have those two and their qualities gives us a really strong base.

“Any team, if you’ve got that stability in your centre-halves, then that’s important.

Rodgers is correct in what he’s saying and right now it looks like both men will be playing in the Premier League next season.

Benkovic will go back to Leicester after his loan deal expires and Boyata is yet to sign a new deal and may leave for Fulham among other clubs in January or the summer.


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