EVERY manager has at least one player they can’t see the woods for the trees over, and in Rodgers case, it’s easier to see why he has a high opinion of Scott Sinclair, but it’s not easy to see why he’s still managing to get a game at the moment.

The player came back into the side nearer the end of September and had played his part in October to a certain extent, but even when the team has been flying, banging in goals and generally doing well – Sinclair has looked out of place at times.

It sounds bizarre to say this about a man who scored the only goal in an away day victory just last week, but his overall game is just not up to the standard he set in his first season and is even declining on last.

I refrained from being too harsh on the player in recent times especially after wins, but when he came on against Motherwell, it visibly weakened the side.

Don’t get me wrong, there were many underperformers on the night, and if you look at it through the viewpoint of one game then he was not to blame for Celtic dropping points last night, but the midfielder was a symptom.

He struggles with passes, dribbling past opponents and even finding the net – basically everything he did really well his first season.

Given the wages he is on, and the hectic schedule you have as a Celtic player, can we afford to carry a passenger like Sinclair?


  1. Your right sinky needs binned but can I ask when are u going to ask for griff 2 b binned, he’s been been rank rotten for over 18 month and his huffy petulant Billy big time attitude last night where he hardly tried a leg was embarrassing, criticise but be fair. Also biggest problem last night was we changed a winning fluid, vibrant midfield and wide man to play broony and nadir Hayes which resulted in us being to slow and sitting 30 yards to deep and left us with a winger who can pass, can’t beat a man and was hiding in plain sight.


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