When Celtic had a slow start to the season many people said Brendan Rodgers looked disinterested and unsettled by the board’s reluctance to help him strengthen in the summer.

Many pundits down south and of course obligatory Charlie Nicholas Sky Sports interview intimating Rodgers would be off at the first sign of a Premier League contract.

Fast forward to December 2nd and we have footage of the usually calm, cool and collected Celtic manager pumping his fist and celebrating with the Celtic support.

When things aren’t going to plan at any club there is a certain amount of speculation that comes with.

The people who labelled Rodgers disinterested were doing the Celtic manager a huge disservice and should come out and apologise for their ridiculous statement.

We all talk about Kieran Tierney as the bhoyhood dream come to life but for Brendan Rodgers, it’s exactly the same.

His parents were huge Celtic fans, both passed away before seeing their son take on the role which will in time ensure Legendary status.

Rodgers might have dreamed about scoring for Celtic when he was younger but if he can’t score for the club, managing them to seven consecutive domestic trophies is not a bad effort.


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