BRENDAN RODGERS has come out swinging when asked about the criticism aimed at his defence; especially in the past month.

Jozo Simunovic and Dedryk Boyata have come in for some scathing criticism from Celtic fans. However, the Irishman wonders about the expectations some have about who the club can bring in and reminded the fans Celtic failed to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League with the, now, most expensive defender in world football.

“There’s a lot of focus on our boys defensively but there has to be a bit of respect and reality as to who they are playing against,”

“Celtic didn’t qualify for the Champions League and they had Virgil van Dijk and Jason Denayer at centre-half. Who do people want Celtic to get? If we can’t qualify with those two…

“I hear a lot of talk about ‘get a new centre half’ but defensively our team I think is very, very good but we could always be better. I think there is always shone around our central defence but we are a collective. We defend as a team and press as a team.”



  1. well said brendan all these fans and supporters who think that they know everything about footy , agree with you we cannot compete with the continent and england in some cases , our bhoys are giving their all , as you say need a we bit of tweeking , but you are doing a wonderfull job , as all at paradise , real supporters see this so forget about the rest of them god bless you and all at parkhesd xxx

  2. Get a grip Patricia. This is what gives me the fear about Rodgers. He is prone to delusion. I watched him weekly in the last months of his time at Liverpool and he had become a figure of fun, regardless of what channel you watched. The commentators were literally wetting themselves for his post-match interviews and often they were reduced to tears of laughter and the nonsense he spouted. And I find it worrying that so many Celtic supporters will accept anything that he says. He is good but only a fraction of how good he thinks he is and nowhere near how good a lot of our supporters think he is. ‘In Brendan we trust’ gives ne the fear. It is the thick mantra of the terminally stupid. Rodger’s has made many mistakes and he is the clubs worst ever European manager. Our performances in Europe last season were a stain on the club. An absolute disgrace and much of it could be laid at Rodgers door. His performances at Liverpool in europe were also very poor with hundreds of millions of pounds at his disposal. So please do not talk about him being infallible. He has won in Scotland. Yes, but our league is garbage and is also the weakest it has ever been and we have more money than the rest put together and then times three. We are further away from Hamilton than PSG are from us. So please do not tell me how acceptable it is to get beat 7-1 by PSG. We seldom beat anyone 7-1. Why? Because no professional team should get beat 7-1. And as for our boys giving their best? Pull three guys out of the stand and they will give their best, that is not the issue. It is not a school’s sports competition where you get a medal for trying. Boyata, Simunovic and, now , Lustig should be nowhere near the Celtic team because the first two are not good enough and the latter is done (or did no one see him against Sevco in December). I would suggest that the attitude that everything is simply great is damaging to the club. We should be further in front. We have been poor since the beginning of the season. If there was any challenge we would be in a fight for the league. Aberdeen’s capitulation to Rangers has given us breathing space. There is money in the bank, plenty of it, and Celtic need to spend it to maintain the gap. Fail to do this will result in the gap closing. At least 5 of the firswt team need to be ditched for better quality ( Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Simunovic and Armstrong all need to go). But it will not happen as long as supporters behave like the half-wits at Ibrox and do not demand better. And by the way Simunovic has wanted out of Celtic for over a year, he is not interested in playing for Celtic and apparently neither is Boyata. 8m for Simunovic and 8 quid for Boyata would be a dream.

  3. Boyata is Ambrose in Disguise,Our defence is the reason we got smashed by PSG!!!And the main reason we are out the CL…Still in Europe (Just)If we dont get some defenders in for our game against Zenit.Im afraid it couldbe Curtains.


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