BRENDAN RODGERS has confirmed there is a ‘disease’ in the Celtic Park pitch after many commented on the state of the so-called ‘hybrid surface’ during the Airdrie game.

The pitch which took over two years to implement and around £2million to install is looking worse for wear at the minute and ironically is not conducive to the type of football Brendan Rodgers wants to play.

The pitch was one of the first things Brendan Rodgers asked for when he came to the club and with so much work involved in getting the pitch ready with the time constraints the club has to do so, it was finally finished this summer.

However, the surface is looking very patchy and dry, something you’d expect during the winter in Scotland but not if you have shelled out so much money for a surface which should be immune to the rigours of a Scottish winter.

Hopefully, whatever is causing the issue will be sorted before too long.


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