BRENDAN RODGERS has told the Celtic fans the bhoys are still a good position to qualify even though they have lost their last two games in the Europa League.

After a promising start it was another Groundhog Day for the players as they totally imploded, conceding a very poor first goal and following it up by conceding another minutes later.

Celtic only have three points out of nine so far but have the advantage of having two home games to come against the two sides who have beaten them so far.

This is where Rodgers believes his secret weapon will play a vital role in proceedings – the Celtic Fans.

The Irishman believes with 60,000 fans behind them, anything is possible and they will endeavour to pick up the points necessary to advance in the competition.

“Having 60,000 at home is going to give us a great opportunity and we know that if we’re going to have any aspirations of getting out of the group then it’s a game we have to win. That’ll be our objective come the next game.

“I think we’ve seen enough to know that we can win the game at home. We’ll have players who will come back but, certainly from tonight’s performance, I believe it’s something that’ll be well within our capability.”


  1. Agree Jackie, we have two home games against this pair , who is to say we can’t get results, firmly believe we will turn the corner at some point, at least get some pride back ,it would turn the table upside down!!!!just need consistency like we are getting in the league now, hh,

  2. A team without injurys and a very strong bench and the Fans. The Hoops would bury any team. But without either. Celtic would have to get two goals ahead just to keep their heads above water. Sold out Paradise or not. But here’s to hope. As apart from the fans in full voices the whole of the game, I dont really know how the game may go. I’m airing on a score draw. But you never know.


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