It may seem like quite a trivial thing but music in the dressing room either pre or post-match can be vital.

It can set the tone for a win or it can relax the players after a very high intense, hard-fought game.

However, the responsibility of picking the music doesn’t fall to the manager or any of his coaches, it doesn’t even fall with the Captain (Probably because it would just be constant GBX) – instead, it falls with Celtic favourite and one of the youngest men in the dressing room Kieran Tierney.

The Celtic manager is full of praise for his defender on the pitch but he has also reserved special praise for Tierney’s choice in music.

Speaking to the Celtic View the Irishman spoke of Tierney’s good taste:

“I have to say that the music tastes of the boys is very good and Kieran is great for the likes of me and the staff, because he plays some old-school tunes.” Rodgers told the Celtic View.

“He has been brought up with his Mum and Dad’s song, so that’s great for me. He’s really good and he takes the responsibility seriously.

“He’s very good at it and is committed to it as well, with what he brings to put the music on.

“It’s a great ambience in the dressing room.”

Tierney didn’t play in Saturdays thumping win against Kilmarnock, we wonder if he was let into the dressing room to do his DJ set anyway!


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