RUMOURS this morning suggest that Brendan Rodgers will use today’s quarter final to field some fringe players who are in need of game time.

Usually I’m on board with fringe players getting a run out or lads in need of match sharpness getting the nod. However, it’s the Scottish Cup quarter final and while it’s against lower league opposition – it would be foolish to take the game lightly when you realise what’s at stake.

With a place in the semi final up for grabs and a potential double treble on the menu, there is absolutely no reason for Rodgers not to play the very best team available to him today.

One criticism the manager has come in for this season is his notion to make wholesale changes in his team when 2-3 would suffice to keep things fresh.

We boast, for the most part a very young team who have great recovery time – a lot of our problems we’ve run into is because we’ve not had continuity in the starting XI.

it’s the reason we’re not out of sight in the Premiership, I hope it’s not the reason for us dropping out the competition.

Of course, there will be plenty of fans saying it’s just Greenock Morton, but if you’ve been around as long as I have, that’s a foolish statement to make. I hope the rumours are just rumours and we go as full strength as we can.


  1. Would agree with using today to bring a couple back in from injuries to get them some game time, but not a full reserve side it’s too important a match.

  2. No chance that this will be a full reserve side. We have been poor regardless what team we’ve fielded for much of this term. We will win by a few today

  3. Brendan has got us this far now everybody knows what’s best for Celtic. Starting to sound like the SMSM
    and the I told you so brigade.
    Some peepill like to keep their knives sharp I guess
    He’s lost 2 games in 2 seasons
    Let him get on with it
    Hail Hail

  4. This is a non story, guys like commper, ralston, Roberts, rogic, gamboa need the games as we’ll need them very soon. ie next week. Agree cokeheadcharlie and Dec Lane some of our fans and bloggers appear to think they know better than brendan.

  5. I’m sure there will only be a couple of changes to the usual starting lineup. Roberts will be in but rather than replacing Forrest, I’d rather Forrest was played on the left and Sinclair rested. Ralston might get the nod at right back and the young keeper the fans have been asking for in De Vries place might get a game today, that apart, I’m sure it will be the usual full strength recognisable team with Rogic getting another chunk of this one.

  6. for goodness sake are some of these people real celtic supporters that means win lose or draw , and i beleive that our manager has done a good just d players they dont go out to lose , after all these players have got us to where wee are , so appreciate this and we willl be top
    lets get on with the rest of the season without slagging our manager and players short memories some people have .


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