There is always a selection dilemma of Dembele or Griffiths. Brendan Rodgers has had his tactics and systems bang on ever since he arrived in Scotland. That’s why he’s going for 65 unbeaten games and his fourth trophy today.

But the team need a shot in the arm, mainly because the players that play “In The Hole” are not in form. Armstrong, McGregor, and Rogic are not where they should be regarding performances. The same could be said for Sinclair and maybe one or two others.

Griffiths and Dembele are both in form; it doesn’t seem right that one of them should sit on the bench today. Motherwell will have built everything around Celtic playing one up front. They’d have to rip all their plans up if the team sheet came out with Griffiths and Dembele starting.

Just for the record, I haven’t been shouting for two up front all along. I think Rodgers system has worked perfect but at the moment and certainly for today I think he needs to send out his best and in form 11.

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