BRENDAN RODGERS has been known to bring players in and out of the team against specific opposition since taking over at Celtic.

The Irishman has also been kind to some of the players who played out their skins last season but have failed to hit the heights this term.

With so few games left and a chance to make his mark before heading back down south, maybe for the last time – Brendan Rodgers should start Patrick Roberts and throw a cat among the pigeons.

With James Forrest having a standout season, Paddy who has been free from injury for nearly two months has seen very little game time and fewer starts.

The Englishman would be chomping at the bit in front of a sold-out Celtic Park on Sunday in what may be his final derby.

The tricky winger could cause all sorts of problem for The Rangers defence and could be the key to starting the title celebrations as early as possible.

Of course, it would be harsh on Forrest if he wasn’t tp start the match but with half an hour left, if the game is in the balance or we need something to happen – he can be brought on to see the game through.

Should Roberts start on Sunday?


  1. Would love to see him play v Sevco. Footballing skills would devastate their prone defence and give them more humiliation.

  2. yes roberts should start and finish on sunday he is a key player , forrest not been spot on in last few games , but we shall trust in brendan he will do the selection which is strongest to take the points , good luck to all the bhoys so come on the hoops lets finish this god bless them all xxx

  3. Yes. Forrest has been great for most of this season but against they fucking scumbags he never turns up. Time to give Paddy a start as he would cut them wide open. Whoever starts on Sunday i’ll be 100% behind them. Lets give these fuckers another good pasting and a right good title party for us in the famous green n white hoops 🍀🇮🇪

  4. I’d start Paddy , but in i dint think Brendan will and I have no real issue with Forrest starting. I’m more worried about Sinclair starting, he’s been really flat this season

  5. I don’t think it matters quality wise as there is not in “My Humble Opinion” much between them. Sinclair on the other hand has not even been the “races so to speak” compared with last season.
    Why take this opportunity from young Forrest to crown 👑 his great season. H. H.

  6. Go for an attacking, freeflowing, short passing midfield. And give GayIam Spurty and anyone sitting in the stand at paradise from sevco a frightening look at the Hoops in their element.All in, all for one, one for all.

  7. I agree paddy should definitely start he’s gonna rip these bams apart they can’t handle him still can’t work it out how he’s not been getting more game time though surely he must start COYBIG HH


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