JOHN KENNEDY admits in the hectic behind the scenes cluster that was Monday and Tuesday, he could have been gone too at one point.

The Celtic mainstay seems to intimate Brendan Rodgers tried to take the coach from Celtic along with the staff he brought in himself during his time at the club.

Kolo Toure and Chris Davies were both gone but Rodgers took some Celtic staff with him too and John could have been one of them if he wasn’t so level headed and perhaps because of an intervention by Peter Lawwell who made it clear the club wanted John to stay.

 “There wasn’t a moment when I might have gone too.” Kennedy told Record Sport.

“I had a great relationship with Brendan. The first I spoke with him about this was Monday morning.

“Peter Lawwell arrived at the training ground in the afternoon, discussed the possible plans and told me that I was wanted here.

Only 200 available!!

“He told me to prepare the team and if there was an appointment that I’d be assistant manager.

“I’m quite a calm guy anyway, I tend to see clarity in what’s going on.”

Neil Lennon came in quite quickly and it was he and John who called for Damien Duff from the reserves.

It has been a wild week for the club and one fans are still trying to shake off, I think many people who didn’t have an opinion on John Kennedy now respect the Celtic coach for what he’s done in the face of adversity.

Celtic is all John has known, coming through the ranks as a bhoy to cruelly getting his career cut short with injury he has always stayed with the club.

As Neil said, the coach will be vital in the coming months.


  1. The more you hear and see developments i.e. Damien Duff who has just arrived taking a step up to the management team the more I tend to believe the board knew a while back of the situation with BR and even Lenny’s leaving Hibs which was never really made clear leads me to think there was a greater plan put in place from away back…

    • I agree we could have been left high and dry and our season ended as Brendan Rodgers walked away thinking no one knows what he is going do we could have been left in big turmoil as Brendan started walking and never even looked back with all his plans in place he thought very little about the club players and fans best of all he new nothing about his moves had already been covered and that he would be replaced as fast as he got his new job and that the iconic Celtic fc would still keep moving forward without any glitch in the workings…..


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