The Celtic fans covered their eyes in horror late on this afternoon against Motherwell. A corner was swung in from the far side, and the visitors netted from it.

Joe Hart threw himself at the ball unnecessarily, and it trickled in via Jon Obika. Post-match, manager Brendan Rodgers admitted his side had to defend it to a higher level. He said (Celtic FC on YouTube): “I think it’s one of them ones we have to better in that moment. Whether it’s lost by organisation or whatever, you have to see that. The corner’s fallen in a decisive moment of the game.”

Brendan Rodgers
Soccer Football – Champions League – Group E – Celtic v Atletico Madrid – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – October 25, 2023 Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers reacts REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

After they conceded, there was a wave of emotion in the ground and the potential for the Hoops to get a late winner, but it wasn’t to be. Sloppy defending and a lack of attacking intensity cost the Bhoys in the end.

Particularly for the equaliser, the champions’ rearguard has to be stronger, and they will be asked yet more questions midweek against Lazio.


  1. Yes poor defending first from conceding it by panic in area im sorry taylor height is a problem where do you put him in area all day abd moat games goal kicks are derected at him same with free kicks corners Celtic F. C coaches must see this its uf they gamble nothing happens but it does and will cost us more pionts in futyre im sure Rodgers would have signed a full back if one became available at our wage budget yes wages are the big thing not winning as long as monies going in the bank rather get nuce car flat than trophies poor indicment of our dna of professionals see ut with athletes all going to top athletes since professonialism came into olympics top athletes joining Qatur and oil rich countries now footballers leaving the big european leagues for big pay deals im lucky u seen the enjoyment of winning in those competing but to stand in podium abd listen to an athem that you picked for money cant be same we all know england srated ut with john barnes they then had a cheek to slag irish for playing players that are not born in there country how many top just british are born in the country how many in there top teams players are born in there league now if you play five tears in a league you can play fir there international team thats why im not a fan of my international or any other ok scotland are in the european nation cup big deal a piss up by the supporters and the sfa sponsership money how much does that go to helping parents with paying terrible amouts to rent pitches yes council pitches that should be free decent facilities dressing rooms just cabins or allowing schools to allow changing facilties how many sfa top three go to saturda sunday kids game see the effort there is to make it civil even comfortable thank our young refs who get abused by ned like parents and coaches need to protect these people thats where kids learn to respect athority go diwn your lical pitch abd here the threars at a 11 year old game terrible

  2. I’d feel safer without Taylor, he’s more like a 12th man for the opposition.
    Several taller players are required to prevent easy goals from high balls.
    O’Riley has height but he can’t jump.


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