Brendan Rodgers spoke very highly of young Karamoko Dembele to Talk Sport this morning after the 13-year-old made his England debut not long after playing for the Scottish youth setup.

“He’s played for Scotland, he’s played for England and he can actually play for the Ivory Coast as well,” Rodgers explained.

The player has many International options but the manager sees the player becoming a big asset for Celtic sooner rather than later but stressed the importance of the youngster being nurtured in the right way in order to fulfill his potential.

“He’s 14 in February, he’s a big talent and just needs the time to be nurtured and developed.

“But it won’t be long. If he keeps going the way he is going, he could be one of those boys who is in the team at a very young age.

Karamoko hit the headlines this year when he came on for Celtic’s developmental squad at such a young age, the clips being touted about of his obvious skill has people talking. Many clubs down south have been trying to poach him but Celtic is where the player will be staying at least for the foreseeable future.

“It’s nice for him. He’s enjoying his football, he gets looked after very well here at Celtic, he and the coaches here have a great trust in him.




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