JOHN COLLINS has lifted the lid on the deal which took Virgil van Dijk to the Premier League with Southampton and how two of the top clubs in England missed out on him because of their Scottish Football prejudices.

Collins, who was assistant manager when van Dijk was at the club revealed most clubs in the top flight in England had expressed interest in the big Dutchman at some point during his Celtic tenure.

It would turn out to be a costly mistake for Liverpool as they were one of the teams looking at Van Dijk before he moved to Southampton for £12million.

The Liverpool manager at the time Brendan Rodgers was unsure if Virgil would be able to go down there and be better than any of his current defenders.

After signing the defender for just £2.6 million, Celtic sold him to Southampton for £12million plus a percentage of any future fee.

Upon moving to the Premier League it was even more clear what a talent the lad was.

After Brendan moved onto manage Celtic and Jurgen Klopp took over at Anfield the German boss wanted Virgil at the club – it cost the Champions League finalists £75million to secure his signature.

Had Brendan Rodgers taken him to the club at the time, they would have saved themselves a handy £63million.

Something for the EPL elite to digest, there is good talent to be had in the SPFL and if they turn their nose up at players because what league they play in, then more fool them.

Here’s John Collins full conversation about Virgil van Dijk below.


  1. Rodgers didn’t have the final say at liverfools. It’s well documented that they had their transfer committee and Rodgers was only one vote.
    Even if Rodgers had been a firm no on VVD, the rest could easily outvote him.


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