Brendan Rodgers this week has had to back up his Celtic team and prove that they are ready for a physical battle with Motherwell in today’s cup final.

Rather stupidly, Rodgers has to face these line of questions not because there are any genuine questions of his team’s aggression or bravery. The questions are coming because of our struggling neighbour’s Rangers who got bullied by The Steelmen.

They all but wanted Motherwell behind bars after there humiliating defeat. Fabio Cardoso sustained a broken nose from a wry elbow and Bruno Alves branded Motherwell’s style of play as “not acceptable” afterwards.

This is what Brendan Rodgers had to say on the matter:

“We are an aggressive team. You want that level of game, that level of commitment,” he said.

“You always want the officials, the referee and the fourth officials to respect the laws of the game and make sure no player is in danger within the game. But you want it competitive and I’m sure that’s how it will be.

“We’ve shown many times here playing in the league and the various cups, we’ve played against different styles – aggressive styles, footballing teams, mixed teams – and the players have coped very well with it.

“Whenever you go into any final, you have to be ready mentally for whatever the opponent throws at you. That’s something we’ll be prepared for.”

You would think this was Brendan Rodgers first time facing a physical team in Scotland if Motherwell is going to rely solely on their physical side of the game they’d be picked off relatively easy. Celtic are about to bang heads with Motherwell three times, all questions will be answered.


  1. There’s Only One Team In Glasgow.And Its In The East End….ffs This Media Cabal are a Total Joke just like there Club Over The Clyde.Aberdeen and Hibs are Going to Finish the season Wayyy Ahead of the Rancid Keek fae Ibroke…God Has His Own Way Of Working,Facts are Facts and Cannot Be Disputed.Whats happening Over There is All Down to Thinking They are Something they are Not.And being EBTless….Fecking Cheating Vermin..HH And Here We Go 10 or More In A Row


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