BRENDAN RODGERS has spoken again about the need for Celtic to play their own game, even when Europe’s elite come calling.

Celtic fell to a comfortable 3-0 defeat at Bayern two weeks ago, with many asking the manager if he would become more pragmatic out of necessity but Rodgers is holding firm.

The Celtic manager believes a big result is coming.

“For the players, that is what we are working towards. When it comes, you just don’t know. We want to impose our own style in a competition of this level that gets results.”

“It would be a great result to beat Bayern and it gives you confidence, but you have to do more than just that, surely. It is good to get a result and good if you can perform well and it is brilliant for the supporters, but you can’t become complacent enough to think that it does you for two or three years. You have the next game and the game after that and it doesn’t guarantee you anything. You need it to do well, but it does not guarantee you anything going forward. No chance. You just want to validate how you are working.



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