Former SPL chief executive Roger Mitchell had taken to social media to float a theory past Celtic fans on the ongoing managerial situation.

Mitchell, who is outspoken on many issues pertaining to Scottish football has suggested Neil Lennon and the board could be in a stand off with one another over a severance deal.

If Neil Lennon was to resign, he wouldn’t be entitled to a payoff by the club.

Mitchell believes it’s a viable scenario considering the boards inexplicable backing of the manager who has shown no sign of turning anything around on the pitch.

Fans can get caught up in the passionate football side of things but underneath that lies the human reality of someone potentially losing a job. Neil Lennon would not want to walk away empty handed, and if they’re not going to sack him, he’s always going to back himself to turn a corner.

Andy Walker spoke about Billy McNeill being sacked in 1991 and how years later Billy admitted it was the right thing to do and in hindsight he was done and had nothing more to give.

No chance that’s happening at Celtic this time around unless results get even worse.



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