With each and every day Ronny Deila seems to be getting more and more things right. Fair enough in the beginning things were a bit shaky. A few results didn’t go our way and some points were dropped here and there. But the majority of the support have stuck behind the Norwegian and look at us now. Realistically we must have all known that the side he inherited were not good enough to mount any serious charge in either European. So now in March and the first leg of the domestic treble in the bag it’s all looking a lot brighter now. The full team appears to have bought into his and the rest of the managements ideas when it comes to training. The side are fitter than ever and it’s showing in every game they play.

With a young squad and young management in place the question is, what’s next for Deila’s boys? Well he came out and gave his answer to that recently, “we will bring in players but I think we will bring in younger players to build the next generation behind the current one.

‘If we are going to fight with the best clubs in Europe for the best 22-year-olds, then you can forget it. No chance. The only chance we have to get a world-class player is to go to 16/17-year-olds and say: “You will train with the first team”.

‘That’s our chance to get a player in. We have to find some very big talents that can be the best ones.”

The theory behind this seems to be correct. We can’t compete with the mega money being thrown about for let’s be honest, mediocre players. Remember how much we payed for Amido Balde? And even Derk Boerrigter? Deila clearly doesn’t like to waste money. So maybe this is why Lawwell was so keen on bringing him in?

He has said that he wants to emulate the structure of that in Ajax. Ajax have a certain philosophy about the club never mind they way they play. The list of players they have produced and developed is endless. If Celtic can get even half of that success then we would have to be forever thankful for Ronny Deila.

“Ajax get it because they have an unbelievable reputation — and we have to build, over the years, a reputation. That if you come to Celtic, you see what is happening, you get sold to the big clubs and you get a good development.”

Ronny Deila and Martin Odegaard at Stromsgodset. Picture: PA

A story that seems to have some truth behind it is that Norwegian youngster Martin Odegaard could be at Parkhead next season on loan. Deila did try to sign him last year however Real Madrid probably offered him more money than he’s seen in his life to sign with them. A player like that would fit the bill in regards to Ronny’s plans for the club. Odegaard won’t be in the Real Madrid first team for some time yet so he will need first team football. Deila was the one who gave him his debut at Stromsgodset. The young Norwegian has already spoken about his admiration for Deila stating that he has been ” Hugely influential ” in the development of his career so far.

How do you all feel about the gaffers plans? Do you agree with it? Do you think we are under the right leadership? My answer would be yes.