The term “Roller Coaster Ride” gets used in all walks of life and for Ronny Deila and the start of his Celtic management career there is not a phrase that signifies that start better.

Allegedly winning the league this season could been done blind folded but the opening few games have proved otherwise. It doesn’t matter what professional sport your playing if you take your eye off the ball it ends up in the back of your net. Ronny’s surgery of the first team has thrown up mixed results and if the new manager has something to learn about been a Celtic manager it is that only a winning result is acceptable. Sometimes winning isn’t even enough, winning must be done with some style.


Deila himself said midweek he is done tinkering with the first 11 and what he needs now is a winning streak. To date he hasn’t managed more than 2 wins on the bounce. He has a large section of the Celtic support that needs winning over and a winning streak always reels the majority back on board. A 3-0 win against Hearts last week was a flattering scoreline but if he can produce a win at St. Mirren today and turn over Dinamo Zagreb at Celtic Park on Thursday night he might just get some momentum with not just the players, but the fans.

O’Neill, Strachan and Lennon all put big runs together, some of them record breakers. If Deila can get a streak going the ripple effect will be far and wide from attendances to attracting new players when transfer windows come and go.



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