The protest today by the Green Brigade flanked by other supporters was powerful.

The rumoured appointment of Bernard Higgins to a high ranking Celtic security position has been met with wide scale condemnation within the support.

Higgins was part of Police Scotland who harassed and attempted to criminalise Celtic fans through the offensive behaviour act for years. Turning many ordinary fans supporting their club into targets. The offensive behaviour act was an act of hostility towards all football fans in Scotland and was never welcome.

It was finally scrapped after superb work from FACK THE BILL.

Having put up with so much from Higgins and his cronies was bad enough for so many, but to hear Celtic want to employ him – taking a wage from the club – it’s too much for many to stomach.

If this has been in the works, Celtic have been so tone deaf in this instance

The 30 minute silence by the green brigade today was an attempt to let the powers that be know Bernard isn’t welcome.

The banners inside the stadium also making it clear.

It was very evident when the Green Brigade started singing on the 30th minute of Saturdays game, they had a lot of support from the rest of the crowd. They were applauded and the whole stadium sang ‘Let the people sing’.

There’s no way the Celtic board in attendance could have ignored it and will no exactly how many in the support feel. We await the outcome of the protest and if Celtic will forge ahead regardless.


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