One of our social media guys picked up on an excerpt from Roy Keane’s criticism of Liverpool after they were soundly beaten by their rivals Manchester City, falling further behind in the league.

One particular part of Keane’s rant against the excuses coming from the current EPL club rang very true with regards to Celtic and the excuses our manager is leaning on this term.

Celtic fans have become very frustrated because Neil Lennon keeps telling us how bizarre this season has been and while he won’t come out and say it’s mostly to blame, you can tell that’s the way he’s swaying. You have to imagine that’s also what the board were thinking when they we were dropped from the Champions League by relative minnows, embarrassed in the Europa League and knocked out of the League Cup on our own turf.

The emphasis of this being a rogue season where things haven’t been normal cannot be an excuse, we’re all playing under the same restrictions and regulations after all.

Roy Keane hits the nail on the head talking to when describing Liverpool, it really could have so easily been directed at our club. Have a listen:

Roy Keane is always good for a sound bite but don’t take this approval of this site being in favour of a Roy Keane Celtic appointment when Neil Lennon does leave. We believe Roy is great Tv as a pundit but as the manager of Celtic, that would give everyone a headache.


  1. I think Roy Keane’s rant about yesterday’s game was OTT. For the first 25 minutes I thought Liverpool were getting overwhelmed, but they managed to come back and for large parts were on top or competing evenly. Alison had two terrible errors and the class of city punished that. Shit happens! The heights Liverpool have went to for the last two seasons were phenomenal and a drop off in form is understandable. They will be back, I have faith in Klopp but I do think your team needs a world class striker and I have a feeling Klopp held back on a couple of signings this season in order to afford it.

  2. So Klopp is not becoming the new Celtic boss then?? No more complaining from either boss. Being beaten soundly by a team in the Epl or the Spfl at home does happen. Celtics board room squabbles mean nothing, except, keep winning and stop the foe winning it at Paradise, or at a back pedal. It is going to happen, eventually.


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