FOOTY HEADLINES has put out a RUMOUR of what the Hoops could look like next season but they won’t commit to this being the version that comes out just yet.

Unlike most times the kit website posts about strips, they let it be known the kit is official and will be hitting the shops. This time they’re hedging their bets.

So here’s the rumours hoops top which is quite different from anything we’ve seen in sometime. Celtic text through the green pattern – I don’t think we’ve saw that since the 90s. The badge also on a white emblem with a black border..

This looks a bit out there and feeds into what we’ve seen the away kit look like so far when it comes to the badge.

The collar could be a giveaway there’s something to the image. Adidas have brought collars back for most of their sponsored teams next season.

What do you think?


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