RUMOURS swirling around social media this morning suggest Peter Lawwell is about to REJECT Celtic’s 800 ticket allocation to Ibrox on safety grounds.

The Chief Executive told shareholders at the AGM he would be assessing the situation before making the decision but would only act in the best interest of the Celtic fans.

The Ibrox club cut Celtic’s allocation from 8,000 to just 800 after the last three years of a pure party atmosphere at the Govan ground with Celtic enjoying so much success.

With Celtic fans to be put in just a corner of the ground where there could be a barrage of missiles heading their way from a fanbase who has recent previous of doing so, it has become a safety issue.

However, the Celtic fans who are due a ticket for the game will unlikely welcome this decision if it turns out to be true.

Many fans believe they should be given the option to take up the allocation and the club should not dictate to them.

Below is a flavour of some of the opinions on the matter this morning.



  1. Celtic have a duty of care to fans and Mr Lawwell has to take this seriously. Get off his back.
    The offenders here are Sevco for creating this situation in the first place and for their lies and deceit.
    The people who are moaning would not know what a position of responsibility was, never mind be able to know what it meant.

    • I agree,our team can play there and BOSS them without any fans then what are they going do,lets get stuck in get our goals early one then 2 then kill the game before halftime with a third, there ground will empty so much you will hear our players more than there fans,,show them we are a football team be and we are BOSS…

  2. It should be up to individual’s if they wish to go to the piggery.!. But it would certain show sevco up if no Celtic fans were at the piggery! The world would seejust how bigoted Scottish football is , against Celtic.! So maybe if we all stay away from ibrokes, thing may be done about it and the knuckle cracking SFA, would have to change thier stance, although I have suffered it for as long as I remember, and at 73, that’s quite a while.!!What a shower of poppy money stealers, EBT cheats and all the wee people whom they owe money too!. Middens!!

  3. If no Hoopsfans go to the game. How can Celtic guarantee the safety of the players?? FFS.You can’t tell me the stewards and filth, can hold back a complete death star, filled wae angry orc’s. Either that or the brave 800 if they get in, will be covered in orc pish and shi7e. 💩💩💩

  4. Rangers brought this on it was about money being able to sell more season tickets 2 games with Celtic only gets them £60 a man were as it gets more from new season ticket holders at £300 a fan


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