Celtic midfielder Ryan Christie has claimed that the club should build a statue for the out-going captain, Scott Brown who will be bringing a 14-year stay at the club to an end this season.

As quoted by the Glasgow Times, Christie believes that after all the success that the 35-year old has brought to the club as a player and captain, he is more than deserving of a statue as a tribute to that.

“It was obviously rumoured and he was keeping his cards close to his chest.

“He has done so well over the years and look at the age of him now and this season he has been quality again. “I get to see him train and for the age he is and the years he has been playing at the top level he is just incredible.

“There probably aren’t enough positive things I can say about him. From now until the end of the season everybody will be talking about him. Even when he steps away from Celtic nobody can say a bad word about him.

“It will probably deserve a statue outside Celtic Park because he is one of the biggest legends to play for the club.

“The amount of times people have written him off. They said that when Brendan Rodgers came in and he was rejuvenated and came again.

“To be consistently good like that throughout your career is remarkable and players like that don’t come along too often.”

It was announced officially on Thursday that Brown would be moving on to fellow Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen, where Christie himself also spent some time on loan.

Over the last few days we have seen an incredible amount of tributes to the departing captain, showing how big an influence he had, not only on the park but also off it with his colleagues in the changing room.

It is certainly a position that will be almost impossible to replace in terms of the overall impact Brown had on the club. Whoever is stepping up to fill his shoes will have a tough task ahead.

At some point in the future, there is no doubt that he deserves some sort of tribute with all he has done for the club and the trophies we have won along the way.


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