It’s been a bit of a running joke on social media this year with the SPFL being sponsored by CINCH.

The Car company have former X-factor star Rylan as their spokesperson and his catchphrase for the adverts is ‘cinched it’

Scottish football fans have been getting Rylan involved on social media to the point he couldn’t ignore it. He congratulated Kilmarnock on their promotion to the cinch by posting ‘cinched it’ to the club and tonight he’s given Celtic the Cinch treatment after they won the league at Tannadice.

Rylan’s twitter blew up at full time and he responded.

Celtic took back their title after just one season! Fans back in the stadium gave them the edge and they’ve taken the opportunity to put their rival’s back in their place.

Cinched it folks! We just have the small matter of the league title trophy presentation on Saturday when Motherwell come to town.

We can’t wait to see Cal Mac lift the league trophy and also big Ange!


  1. This is only the start but we have to be more Clinical in our play Score loads of goals but miss to many, buzzing for the Double. But can the Refs start giving GG some protection Walsh was a disgrace GG United defender catches his shin in follow through FOUL but on GG and warns him, correct book neither but a Celt is going to get seriously hurt HH


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