A Celtic fan has started an online petition to get Ronny Deila sacked from his position as Celtic manager.

The description of the petition reads:

Ronny Deila has tarnished the reputation of the club in Europe with poor performances in both the Europa League and UCL. Winning the league and domestic cups are no longer enough for a club like Celtic looking to expand and become bigger and better. Celtic need to perform at a much higher level than they are under Ronny Deila. #SackRonnyDeila

Winning the league and domestic cups is not enough anymore?

This is the sort of self-entitled drivel that I have come to expect from a certain section of our support. A section that doesn’t necessarily remember the bad times at Celtic.

While many fans have come to the conclusion that it may be time for Ronny to move on, I think the majority of these people would cringe at this petition.

If domestic success is no longer enough for a Celtic manager then anyone in the hot-seat will surely find themselves at the receiving end of their very own petition at some point during their Celtic career.

I have no qualms with people who would like to see a change in manager. All Celtic fans are entitled to their opinion but between this petition and the venom being shown towards Ronny Deila online, I have come to the conclusion that they are the people who are tarnishing the club with their actions.

This isn’t an article for or against Deila’s dismissal. Ronny is at the mercy of the Celtic support and you can be sure whether he keeps his job or moves on he will do so with dignity.

Unlike some people.




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