BRENDAN RODGERS is the man of the hour and the man with the power.

Today we waved goodbye to perhaps the single worst head of recruitment we’ve ever had at the club with Lee Congerton resigning. However, this was no spur of the moment resignation – Lee had been working on a new more lucrative deal for himself behind the scenes.

Brendan Rodgers deserves his share of the blame for bringing him in BUT all is forgiven today as the Irishman has signed Lee Congerton for Leicester’s head of recruitment.

Not minutes after his resignation at Celtic was announced, Leicester had posted the news about Lee coming through the doors to join his old boss at Celtic.

Celtic fans have are ecstatic at the news that Lee has left the building and there are more than a few supporters who are tickled that Leicester are now lumped with him. Lee gave us such hits as Marvin Compper and Kundai Benyu.

You can say what you like about the guy but he keeps getting paid a handsome fee for seemingly being below par at his job. He might be a genius!


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