SCOTRAIL are currently assessing the situation after the ridiculous decision to hold to semi-final games on the same dat at Hampden next month.

The SPFL have taken the most farcical approach possible in order to quash the fixture congestion which was a result of both Glasgow sides playing in Europe on the Thursday night.

Instead of moving one of the games to another venue on the same day, the SPFL opted to hit fans with the double whammy.

This means as it stands we will have four sets of supporters in and around Glasgow on Sunday, October 28.

Aberdeen fans first train to Glasgow on the day of the game gets them into Glasgow Central for 15 minutes after the game has started.

Equally, if Celtic vs Hearts goes into overtime then that game could go on until nearer midnight on the Sunday.

Leaving thousands upon thousands of Hearts and Celtic fans struggling to get home from the game.

When asked about the situation, and if ScotRail would be putting on any more services for the events, signs were less than encouraging.

This decision was not taken with fans best interests at heart. The morons tasked with running our game have outdone themselves.


  1. Whoever has to play a home game in the Europa leek. Should have to play in Murrayfield. I nominate the huns (as ten oot ten it will be them.) Hearts vs Celtic will be played at Hampden. Sorted. Keeps everyone at the Sfa happy. Unless someone has a better Idea, like playing on Alternate Sundays at Hampden.


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