SCOTT BAIN has branded the SFA ‘pathetic’ for citing his captain Scott Brown for celebrating a Glasgow Derby win.

The 2-1 victory for the bhoys will go down as the game Scott Brown sent them all into meltdown after suffering defeat at Ibrox just three months prior.

The Celtic captain left Ibrox after the defeat in December without reacting to Ibrox players celebrating and even Scott Arfield trying to provoke a reaction. In the reverse fixture, every single one of them bit, from Alfredo Morelos being sent off for an elbow to Andy Halliday nearly in tears at full time because he simply could not take it.

Scott Brown had won the mental battle and left the Ibrox club a puddle of hate and despair but did it all within the realms of a game of football.

However, the SFA decided to cite the player for ‘not acting in the best interests of association football’ – a bogus citation from the SFA who only 18 months prior had said they could do nothing about an Ibrox player doing the same thing.

Asked about the SFA charge, Celtic’s number one spoke a lot of sense and highlighted the sort of things footballers suffer on a daily basis and the act of celebrating or giving a little bit back should not be punished.

“It happens, sometimes emotions can boil over in a game.” Bain told Record Sport.

“I think there’s a lot been made of Scott Brown being cited for a ban for celebrating on the pitch when you’ve got to look at the bigger picture.

“Players go through abuse through the entire game from opposition fans, from Twitter, from social media.

“I think you’ve got to give and take a bit. I think if he wants to celebrate a big win after a difficult defeat at Ibrox in the last game, I think you’ve got to let him have it.

“You see what the boys and players in every team goes through, putting your hands up in the air and shouting: ‘Yes’.

“It’s a bit pathetic to get any sort of ban from it.”


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