SCOTT BAIN has been in goals for Celtic in 2019 so far with the goalkeeper presiding over five games and five clean sheets.

However, Bain is not trying to take any credit for that stat alone. The player has made it clear the clean sheet stats can be a strange thing because it doesn’t necessarily mean the goalkeeper has had a good game.

“I’ve always said clean sheets are a strange stat because you can play 10 games and have no shots on goal and keep 10 clean sheets, and it looks amazing,” Bain told CelticTV. “But I think for me it speaks for the entire team on how well we’ve defended, not just when I’ve been playing, also when Craigy’s been in, the number of clean sheets we’ve kept there as well has been fantastic. I think that always speaks volumes for the team overall.”

Bain hasn’t had a lot to do with regards to monumental saves, he did keep Celtic at 0-0 against St Johnstone at the weekend when a lapse in concentration let the Perth side get a shot away; thankfully Bain was on his toes.

Other than that, his role has been quiet but understated. Bain’s ability to move the ball with his feet is the main reason why he is currently getting his chance to prove he’s number one. Craig Gordon is a fantastic goalkeeper who can pull off incredible saves but we saw in the recent Ibrox game, although he was pulling off amazing saves, his lack of distribution powers put his teammates under immense pressure.

Bain has looked calm on the ball and fed it out to his defender’s to build from the back


  1. The defence are more assured when Scott is in goal.
    De deserves a lot of the credit.
    I’ve been waiting for ages to see Brendan play him regularly.
    Big improvement in the defence even though they are not settled.


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