SCOTT BROWN has rubbed salt in the wounds of every single Ibrox enthusiast who have been greetin’ all day since full time about the player majorly ripping the utter s**** out of their whole team.

Brown laughed, joked, smiled and took some lumps as he made sure m they knew who was boss after their December game together.

Brown was goaded at Ibrox but the player was too clever to rise to any of it. Gers thugs on the other hand didn’t even need much encouragement; a wink and a smile was all it took and all hell would break lose.

Taking to social media, the Celtic captain said he really enjoyed his day along with a few fishing rod emojis.

This was a masterful piece of shithoussery from the Celtic legend.


  1. Scott Brown is a legend. I think he has demonstrated that some from the Klan team need immediate counselling. I blame it on their upbringing. On the other hand, they had two or three players who behaved well. I wonder what the difference was.


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