Rent-a-gob Adrian Durham has made a fresh, bitter attack on Celtic and their captain for celebrating a vital win against Kilmarnock at the weekend.

Scott Brown scored a late winner to put the bhoys eight points clear of second place and virtually won the title with his goal. Jubilant scenes ensued between the fans and players but if you’re Adrian Durham, that’s embarrassing.

The pro-Gers radio host has not had a word to say about three seperate celebrations and subsequent pitch invasions from the perennial losers across the city.

His focus is always to try and put Celtic down at any opportunity. A guy who watches no Scottish football apart from 20 second clips on YouTube has a lot to say for himself.

Celtic did not cover themselves in glory against Valencia but jumping from that to saying a player is embarrassing for celebrating a late, season defining goal? Anyone who thinks there’s something wrong wit this is either bitter or clueless; in this instance, it’s likely both.


  1. Durham is a fecking joke, talks sh1te, and looks like a knuckle dragger. Remind me big mouth, what have you ever done in you low miserable life to be able to criticise a club captain and a club bigger than any you could try to spell. You are a nonce, a nobody, and a useless entity in any sphere of life, w@nker!

  2. Hurting much ya muppet
    We’re was your big mouth when the huns won the league, 4 times they invaded football grounds when they scored late on
    When you’re team is sh1te I guess it’s easy to call another club an embarrassment
    Catch yourself on
    To steal trophies and cheat is embarrassing but muppets like him forget so easily
    Just shut your hole ya bawbag
    Hail Hail

  3. Your all English bawbags as well as boyd it wisnae that last year when those bluenoses wrecked seats at Celtic park in old firm game then tried to dive bomb Celtic players when going around pitch hate boyd he is a smarmy cocky twat .

  4. I think that this shock jock just likes to shock jocks. I don’t listen to his programme anymore due to his ridiculous statements. Basically be is talking absolute garbage fuelled by ratings. I think the best idea is not to listen to his programme of the station and hit talk sport where it hurts and that is listened numbers and advertising revenue. I remember several years ago after the McCoist lennie incident, the attack by a hearts fan at tynecastle, and the posted bullets the other Muppet in this comedy duo saying that when Celtic and rangers get together its war. Such incredible moronic insensitivity to vicious acts.


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