SCOTT BROWN has commented for the first time over the video which emerged online of a young Ibrox fan evoking the memory of the Celtic captain’s deceased sister in an attempt to abuse him.

The video which has gone all over the world shows Scott Brown leaving Ibrox stadium after a 2-0 victory against their Glasgow rivals. As he walks towards the bus a young fan shouts ‘How’s your sister?’ and the midfielder stopped in his tracks, staring a hole right through the individual.

Scott Brown is a big family man and lost his sister to cancer not long after signing for Celtic. It was a disgusting thing to say and Police Scotland have arrested someone for the slur. Re-education is likely to be part of the 15-year-olds punishment.

Speaking ahead of Celtic’s game against Hamilton on Saturday Broony wanted to move on and put the focus back on the team.

Brown also commented on The Rangers fans phenomenal reaction to condemning the incident as well as the support from Celtic fans.


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