SCOTT BROWN gave his thoughts after on Brendan Rodgers leaving Celtic this week after the bhoys late victory at Tynecastle on Wednesday night.

The Celtic captain was full of praise for his former manager as he spoke about the rebuilding job Brendan did with the club and how he has left Celtic in a good place.

“It’s been very hard losing a top quality manager. But it’s a top quality manager who has come in.” Brown told CelticTV.

“We are all going to miss Brendan. He’s been fantastic for this club.

“For me, the club wasn’t in a great place two-and-a-half years ago. We were winning the league, but look at the football we were playing.

“Brendan re-energised the whole club. He took us into the Champions League these last few years as well.

“For me personally, it was sad to see him leave.

“But we have another great manager coming in who will build on what Brendan has done and hopefully keep it going until the end of the season.”

Brown’s comments of praise for Rodgers are not echoed among most of the support who were stunned at the timing of his departure. Brown didn’t get into the nitty-gritty and was professional in what he said.

The Celtic captain and Brendan were very close during his time at Celtic and the move would have come as a shock to Brown as well. When everything went down on Tuesday, it was John Kennedy who took the team for training but Scott Brown would have played a big hand in rallying the Celtic players after the sucker punch.

Nobody is denying Rodgers accomplishments, the way he has left the club leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth.

There will be a time when people can look back but not for the foreseeable future.


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