SCOTT BROWN absolutely rinsed Graeme Shinnie after the wannabe hard man tried to injure Broony on Sunday.

Shinnie put in a very late tackle that he should have seen red for during Celtic’s trophy day.

His intent was to go through Scott Brown, a pattern that more players are following as they can’t lay a glove on the Celtic captain otherwise.

Speaking about the incident and Shinnie’s comments afterwards Brown raised a cheeky smile and then tore the Aberdeen captain to shreds.

“Was it a bad tackle? No, it was a Graeme Shinnie tackle. It sums him up really.

“He was saying that he got close to the ball. But I watched it back and it is kind of a little boy’s tackle – waiting until I was past him.

“My pace obviously done him in his prime and I got past him. What goes around, comes around? Yeah, I’m not the one with 15 bookings this season.

“We had a nice wee chat afterwards. Graeme runs about, he tackles, stuff like that. He has not got great quality but he does the best he possibly can.

“It’s the only thing he can probably do to try and stop us – to try and make a bad tackle. To be fair on him, it was a good bad tackle.”


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