Scott Brown has addressed the vile abuse he can receive in any given match day playing for Celtic. An abhorrent incident outside Ibrox back in September saw a Gers fan disgustingly ask Brown how his sister was after Celtic beat The Rangers at Ibrox. The person in question knowing full well his sister had passed away at a young age through cancer.

It stopped the Celtic captain in his tracks who showed great restraint not to lash out at the moron.

Asked by talk Sport and cited by SunSport, the midfielder does believe things can get better – especially in today’s camera culture where everything you say could be recorded and uploaded to the internet.

“It’s social media. There is always going to be the village idiot should we say.

“There is always going to be that one person in a crowd. It’s part and parcel of the game. It shouldn’t be.

“But everyone thinks they can go into the stands and shout and do whatever they want for 90 minutes and then after that it is forgotten about.

“Now there is so much CCTV and there is people catching others on their phones as well so it is good that it is actually getting the recognition that it has been in recent weeks.

“Yes, I would say that but it is more individual as well.

“It’s one person, as I say, who thinks they can shout what they want for 90 minutes then that’s it all forgotten about

“But you are showing your son and families the way that you think is right and they are coming home from games and they can go and shout that to a stranger in the field and think it’s OK.

“You want to be treated like what you treat people as well and you’ve got to be nice to be nice.

“I think when I’ve got kids, I think I am the role model for them and I’ve got to make sure they are in the best environment as well.

“Football is becoming more a family sport as well, everyone is going to it and everyone is enjoy it.

“It’s a great time just now to try and do something about it.”

Scott Brown is a warrior on the pitch but anybody who knows the Celtic captain on a personal level or even spoke to him in passing knows he is a genuinely great guy. His image on the pitch nothing like his real life persona. He treats people with respect and expects the same.

We live in an age where morons think they have a license to say what they want – it shouldn’t be the case.


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