Charlie Nicholas has taken an almighty swipe at our outgoing Celtic captain Scott Brown in today’s papers.

The former Celtic striker has laughed off the suggestion Broony is a legend at the club and claimed he’s not done anything special to deserve the legend moniker.

Writing in his express column and cited by RecordSport, we can’t help but think Charlie is getting desperate in his attempts to stay relevant. During the quadruple treble era he could get away with being a bit negative to keep himself in a job but because Celtic have been so bad this season, he’s had to go nuclear to differentiate himself from the crowd.

It’s a bit pathetic, but here’s what he has said about Scott Brown:

Scott Brown will be easy to replace on the field for Celtic.

“All this ‘legend’ talk is nonsense.

Scott Brown
“A legend should have been the best ever player in a position or be remembered for doing something great like the Lisbon Lions.

“What Celtic will have more difficulty replacing is Brown’s personality and leadership qualities in the dressing room.

“Ismaila Soro is not good enough to be regarded as Brown’s successor in the midfield anchor role.

“The good thing is that the next Celtic manager is likely to be given the money to do a proper rebuild – and he will need it.”

Sadly, Celtic will never be in a position in its current form to win the Champions League like the Lions did. However, captaining a side to nine in a row, four of those seasons being consecutive treble winning campaigns puts Brown into the upper echelons of the club’s legends.

No, his influence on the pitch isn’t there anymore and it’s time to move on, but it doesn’t wipe out the last 14 years at the club and the things Scott Brown has done.

Charlie Nicholas is a blow hard who makes a living off attacking his former club and we can safely say, he doesn’t speak for anybody in the Celtic support.


  1. Wouldn’t give Nicholas the time of day he hasn’t liked our club/players since wee fergus told him he wasn’t good enough for Celtic just another who slags our club


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