SCOTT BROWN, like the rest of us, is hurting.

The Celtic Captain oversaw a result tonight which was utterly unacceptable.

The bhoys capitulated at home to a team they know on their day they could’ve beat. That’s what makes it raw in the immediate aftermath.

Copenhagen had three shots on goal, and all three were gifted to them by Celtic who may as well have been, and we were punished big time.

As much as the Celtic players will be picking over the bones of the best chance, they’ll have to get to the last 16 of the Europa League. Brown knows there’s not much time to feel sorry for themselves – there are bigger things at stake.

Celtic have to go to St Johnstone on Sunday and will have to start rebuilding their confidence as they go about nine in a row and retaining the Scottish Cup.

“Disappointed yet again today to lose at home, especially with the way we played today.” Brown told CelticTV.

“We’re always going to create a lot of chances, especially at Celtic Park, it just wasn’t our day to be perfectly honest. We’re big boys, we can take it on the chin.

“We’ve got to make sure we bounce back, we’ve got a huge game yet again on Sunday and it’s about how you bounce back.”


  1. SCOTT BROWN WAS NOT MISSED TWICE WHEN WE PLAYED KILMARNOCK, AND HE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MISSED TONIGHT, HIS PLAY COST us ,and with Taylors play and forest, and McGregor it was on the cards that we were beat

  2. Scott brown will not be missed never missed him against Kilmarnock twice, he fucks up our play and evolves our defender’s far to much with there pass back shite there is three ways of playing defenders stay in there area and defend all they have to do is pass the ball to the midfield, and the midfield job is to drive into the 18 yard box at every time they have the ball with noo pass back crap and then slip in a striker after you have split there defence up.


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