CELTIC CAPTAIN Scott Brown has called on the authorities to come down hard on clubs who have a problem controlling their fans throwing objects onto the pitch.

This is becoming all too common nowadays and was on show last night as Celtic took on Motherwell at Fir Park.

Celtic’s last two visits to Ibrox have seen bottles and large batteries thrown from the stands with intent to seriously injure. These incidents have not been dealt with by the authorities giving thugs free reign to do what they like.

The SFA must step in and protect players.

Brendan Rodgers added: “If it’s happening, nobody likes to see it. It’s not something we want in the game.”

Back in the 90s, a Celtic fan hit Hugh Dallas with a coin during a heated old firm match, drawing blood in the process. That wasn’t acceptable then and it isn’t acceptable now or an excuse from opposition fans to target Celtic players.




  1. Motherwell supporters throwing coins or whatever,Isnt acceptable.I recall Dallas getting pelted by a fan,Bloody head etc.Even though he is a Bias Blatant Mutant,He should never have been a Referee in the First Place.There is no Room for Cheating in our game,The man is an abslute Disgrace.Total waste of Good Money…As much as it reflected badly on Our Wonderful Club,He was Well and Truly Outed in The End….The SFA is full of these Corruptable Creatures.


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