We’ve probably all found ourselves doing things over the past few weeks that we normally wouldn’t be doing in a normal day to day scenario. You have probably got a few messages on your phone or social network account of a few crazy people doing crazy things.

Chris Sutton is going to become one of those crazy people, it’s hard to type out what I just watched so, just watch, to the end.

I don’t know what is going on from that video but it looks like self-isolation is claiming a few people tonight. I’m not sure who the wrestler is either but someone needs to do a drop ball between him and Scott Brown and let that be the end of him. I’m unsure of Chris Sutton’s skills in any kind of a ring, these days he does his damage with the microphone but I’m not too sure after watching that video.


  1. You are feeding this crap,why does the guy whoever he is ( I have never heard of him ) not challenge another Tim,let’s say Conor McGregor instead of someone 1/2 his size,big man and bully spring to mind .


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