Our respect for Scott Brown and admiration is already there but the restraint he showed outside Ibrox after Celtic’s 2-0 win against The Rangers on Sunday puts him into the highest echelon of how we view our captain.

Having just helped his team to three points on the day against a hapless Gers side the players boarded the bus to head away from the stadium.

When Brown emerged from Ibrox he was greeted by an absolute scum bag Gers fan who asked Scott Brown ‘How’s your sister?’.

Scott Brown’s sister died of cancer not long after Brown had been at the club and it’s common knowledge about her struggles with the Celtic captain talking openly in recent years about the tragedy.

This absolute scumbag, was told to walk away by the police but there’s no doubt in our mind he’ll still be having a wee chuckle to himself. Scott Brown just stared at the moron and would have been quite within his right to do something about it.

Brown is hated by the Ibrox support because he’s one of the most successful Celtic captains in our history. Football rivalry is one thing but this is sick and whoever said this more proof of a larger problem at Ibrox.


  1. There is an arsehole on a Rangers Video on YouTube says he hopes Wee Jay Beattie should join Scotts sister in Hell.Its shows the depths of depravity These clowns are willing to Stoop too.Just because of Liquidation etc Doesmt justify This Ugly Nonsense,His name on YouTube is The Logetoaster.He is a horrible ugly person

  2. Coins thrown, bottles thrown, cynical fouls by WATP Jones, El Mutanto kicking out, stamping on feet, racist chants, and now this…take all the videos and send the to FIFA, EUFA, SFA, Sevco, every major English broadsheet AND Police Scotland multiple times, make a nuisance of ourselves to let them know this is type of behaviour nor our objection to it is not going away…this’ll fear up Broony to destroy them even more, let them have it with 60,000 barrels


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