SCOTT BROWN has given Neil Lennon a glowing report on why he should be the next full time manager of Celtic come the summer, but the Celtic captain couldn’t help but get a cheeky dig in after he was very complimentary.

Broony talked about Neil’s approach to coaching, how he believes the manager has grown and matured into management and the passion he has for Celtic and football is unrivalled.

Of course, Scott brought up his touchline celebration when Celtic scored a 96th-minute winner against Dundee two weeks ago when the Celtic manager flew down the touchline to celebrate with the fans.

The scenes from Dens Park were quite something and Broony cheekily admitted it’s the fastest he’s ever seen the manager run!

“He speaks really well in front of the lads, training has been exactly the same as it was with Brendan Rodgers and the lads have set the tone and know it’s a fresh challenge.” Broony told CelticTV.

“He’s calmer and more chilled than he was the last time. He has been away and learned a lot.

“He’s more mellow and is enjoying every single moment of it.

“We won seven trophies out of seven under Brendan and if there’s any man who’s going to fill his shoes it’s Neil. He believes in himself and has been brilliant.

“Quite a few of the lads were here when he was at Celtic the first time around, so they know him. He’s been great about the place and has been fantastic with me.

“When we scored late in the game at Dundee, you saw from his reaction that he still has the emotion and love for the game.

“It was the fastest I’ve ever seen him run!”

Brown and Lennon have been friends inside and outside of the game, and both have kept in touch since Neil left the club back in 2014.

The pair together have won so many trophies for Celtic it’s unreal.


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