Scott Brown’s Celtic contract is up at the end of next season. The midfielder signed a lucrative two-year deal last summer after a consortium based out of Australia tried to take the Celtic captain down under to form a new club.

The pull of staying at Celtic and finishing what he started in this ten in a row run was a major factor, the fact he had a bargaining chip meant he also had leverage and power to negotiate.

The Celtic legend just turned 35 and there are no doubts surrounding his immediate worth to the team as we go into the ten in a row campaign. It’s quite the opposite, had we not kept Scott Brown, there would be many supporters worried about the upcoming season. Knowing we have a leader in our ranks who will give every last ounce of energy to the cause gives the fans a and players around Scott a lift.

But what will happen at the end of next season or even during this season? Will Celtic offer the midfielder a new deal which will take him to 36, 37. Will the captain decide it’s time to wind down his career and walk off into the sunset. It would be a tempting thing to do if ten in a row can be secured. The midfielder could swagger off an absolute legend.

The treble treble winner has been constantly defying his critics who have tried on several occasions to say he was done. I can’t write off Scott to keep going past next season, and it will be interesting to see the dynamic which plays out.

Surely there’s room for a coaching role at the club if he does hang up his boots after next season. If or when he leaves the club, it will be the end of an era for sure.



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