A lot has been said about Sinclair this season, more to the fact he hasn’t stood out as much as last season, at least not in the right way. I’d agree with that to an extent.

His finishing hasn’t been as good which was evident against Rangers but I don’t think he played as poor as people think. I think views are blurred by his missed chances and him pulling out of a 50/50 which while I agree you hate to see it but it doesn’t tar his whole performance.

He went by his man with ease out times, whether he was cutting in or going on the outside, he was unlucky with his chances and you would expect him to take his chances so that was frustrating but his positioning was great and on the ball he showed glimpses of what he can do on top form.

It’s clear he doesn’t take his man on as much this season as last. Last season he had a 50% success rate in attempted dribbles and now he roughly fails 2 for every successful 1 (celticbynumbers). He attempts much fewer this season and has openly admitted he’s changed his game to be more of a goal threat.

However, I’d say he was much more of a goal threat last season when he ran at players and cut in, he is still having an excellent season in terms of goals and assists which stats support with 15 goals and 13 assists in 34 games, that’s an excellent return from a player having a “poor” season.

I’d love for Sinclair to go back to his old style of play, it suited him and Celtic much better and he stood out. He was exciting to watch and always had you on the edge of your seat as you knew he could produce a bit of magic to unlock a defence.

He may not be catching the eye but he’s far from having a poor season, I would say the new style of play isn’t working as well as he’d hope but it has still been effective and his stats show just how important he is to this team.

He’s another who hasn’t really had much of a rest due to injuries to players like Hayes and that will also have been creeping into his game but after the break, he’ll be recharged and ready to go, hopefully, he can get back to his top drawer displays and I’m sure he will.

Matthew Magee


  1. Sinclair is gar better when he does things without thinking running at players as he does really puts defenders on the back foot needs to do this more also if he goes at people inside it allows KT to go wide and pull players out.you r correct he always seems to pull out of tackles/headers i would say even 60/40 in his favour all we ask from players is 100%

  2. absolute scum bag element to the celtic support who give the players criticism non-stop, sitting back in their seats thinking they are great football analysts moaning the whole game, rather than supporting the team. you are one of these people. greatest support in the world my backside. the criticism of sinclair is utterly ridiculous and is actually counter productive, he must be pretty scunnered with it.

    • Calling support scum bags ur being just as bad as the people ur criticising everyone is entitled to there opinion and if they pay there money can do so.i have followed Celtic home,away and in Europe for 60yrs always support the team but expect 100%effort no more no less and Sinclair at times hide and does not look to take responsibility at times

  3. Charles Your Absolutely 100% Correct.If there is a 50/50 Tackle to be won,Scotty isnt winning It,Thats a Fact.He is a bit light weight in the tackle.All we Expect is 100% for the Cause.Nothing More Nothing Less.Critism should Motivate the Players.Ive yet to see a Scumbag Celtic Fan.I dare say there are a few,But they are a Rarity.


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