HIBERNIAN have told Scottish football they haven’t and probably will not catch the fan who tried to seriously hurt Celtic midfielder Scott Sinclair with a Buckfast bottle on Saturday evening at Easter Road.

The Englishman went to the corner flag to collect the ball when a bottle flashed past him from the Hibs end with the referee Willie Collum stopping to come over and pick u[ the bottle from pitchside.

There were so many stewards and police in the corner it’s astonishing that Hibs are reporting they have not been able to identify the moron. They did say some fans have come forward to try and identify the perpetrator.

Hibs released this official statement on their website:

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our security personnel, we have been unable to pinpoint the individual through the existing CCTV set-up at Easter Road Stadium.

“However, we are heartened that several supporters have been in touch to try and identify the person responsible and we are following up on those.

“We know it can be difficult to challenge those adopting an aggressive manner during flashpoints but we would encourage people to get in touch and help us.

“This incident, and the damage to our reputation, has led us to now invest further in upgrading our already modern CCTV set-up at no small cost.”

Celtic has had a problem with people throwing coins in two instances lately and it’s wholly unacceptable for any professional to be subject to that sort of behaviour.

A glass bottle takes it to a whole new level and these idiots in Scottish football seem to be upping the ante.

Earlier this season, a linesman needed to receive treatment after being struck by a coming from someone in The Rangers support.

It’s shocking that a stadium like Hibernian did not have acceptable equipment to find and punish the fan.


  1. There were around 15 to 20 policemen in the vicinity (as well as around 30 stewards) and NOT ONE made a move or turned round to see where it came from. When the referee handed the bottle to a steward, the Polis and the stewards had looked as if they had just woken up. Absolutely astonishing.

  2. The Hibs Chairman Must Have Money To Burn By Paying Police Scotland & Stewards To Stand Around And Instead Of Doing Their Job, They Had Been Watching The Game Instead of Being In Amongst The Supporters, Then Just Maybe The Thug That Had Thrown The Bottle Would Have Bern Caught And Arrested Taken To Court And Sent To Prison, Scott Sinclair Could Have Been Hit On The Head By That Bottle Bottle, Why Wait Until After The Horse Has Bolted Before Doing Anything About It, When The Referee Had Picked The Bottle Up And Handed It To A Steward, All He Had Done Was Just Put The Bottle To One Side & Neither Police Or Stewards Had Done Anything About It, They Just Continued Watching The Game, This Is Bloody Ridiculous All Those Stewards & Police Should Reimburse Any Payments Made To Them And To The Company, Give The Club All Monies That Had Been Paid Out Or Give All The Monies To Charities And The Next Game To Be Played At Easter Road, Both Police Scotland & The Company That Owns The Stewards Should Do The Next Game Free Of Charge, Because One Things For Sure None Of Them Had Done Their Jobs, Then The Next Game Should Be Policed & Stewarding Standards Should Be Done The Way It Should Be Done And Instead Of Watching The Football On The Field Of Play, Watch The Supporters On The Terracing “SIMPLES” “BUT” !!!


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