SCOTT SINCLAIR has opened up about his dip and form and his current resurgence within the Celtic starting XI which has seen him take the bull by the horns in an attacking sense with so many young players in the side.

Sinclair can hardly be described as a veteran at just 29, but he is one of the more older players in the squad with the likes of Weah (18), Burker (21), Christie (23) and Edouard (21), to name a few.

It’s been frustrating at times to watch Sinclair choose to cut in more often than not, look for the very easy pass instead of taking players on and hitting the byline as he did in his first season.

Speaking about his first at Celtic, the midfielder describes it as ‘probably the best season of his career’ with regards to form. The Englishman believes he set the bar so high when he’s dipped it’s so noticeable and has got fans on his back.

However, he hasn’t lost faith and is beginning to show the form we were so accustomed to in the player’s first season.

“I had the best season, probably of my career, when I first arrived and then the second year I was still top scorer.” Sinclair told HeraldSport. I then went through a little stage of… when you have set that bar so high, then everybody expects it every week that goes by.

“It is just about me getting back to that level. I’m in a good place right now and want to keep improving and scoring.

“I think with the qualities I have everyone expects me to dribble past four or five defenders every time I get the ball. I’ve got to mix it up because people are doubling up. Instead of playing simple you get on the front foot and make things happen.”

Sinclair has scored seven in the last five games for Celtic and fans will be hoping he can continue his deadly form into the next group of fixtures. With his confidence back, and the player willing to take on more responsibility it’s almost as if we’re welcoming the real Scotty back!


  1. Sorry, but I don’t agree with him. His first season was exceptional, much like the entire club that year. You would naturally expect the second season not to be as good, but the level he dropped to was unacceptable.
    He did still score goals, but he’s a winger, he needs to offer more than just goals (unless he hits about 30).
    He’s been looking back to his best for most of the last two months, so hopefully he can get a good level of consistency that is closer to his first season (even if he can’t attain that level again).


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