SCOTT SINCLAIR has been enjoying some time off during the international break, soaking up the sun in Dubai but between relaxing the player has been hitting the gym and as we get closer to the team getting back to training this has to be the least subtle hint to Neil Lennon.

With the tag line ‘no matter what the situation, I’m focused and ready’ the Celtic star posted a picture of his ripped physique.

We knew Scotty had some muscles but he’s been taking his weight training to another level.

Perhaps it’s the recognition his legs won’t run as fast and he needs to alter his body type and the way he plays to get longevity in his career.

Sinclair has been used less than a bit part player this term but if ever there was a message for Neil Lennon it’s this. If Moi and Mikey Johnstone aren’t fit come the weekend, should Sinclair get the nod?


  1. Do not see why he should not be considered,he has been nothing but a good player and pro for celtic,i personally think it’s a bit shocking the way he has been treated………don’t know what neil lennon has against him,the lad does what jamesy does just as good,look at their contributions since scotty signed,defo not an inferior player,so cannot fathom what the problem is with neil not playing him……HH


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