We’re used to our Sunday at midday kick offs but Premier Sports have their hands on a Glasgow Derby in the Scottish Cup and they’ve changed it up.

The Scottish Cup tie between the pair will take place Saturday, April 17 at 4pm.

It was a bit of a surprise that the pair are meeting so early on in the competition but the Hoops now have the opportunity to get one over their rivals on their home turf.

The game will be hotly contested. The home side are going for the double, while Celtic are looking to make sure they don’t end the season without a trophy in over a decade.

Celtic and John Kennedy have the chance to tune themselves up for the game with a game against Livingston at the weekend.

It’s imperative he plays a team who are likely to play in the games.


  1. When is someone going to say NO enough is enough all these wierd KO times all to suit some television company make money, When are the fans ever going to be considered football without fans is nothing ,yes we are going through turbulent times at present but that will end and we will get back into our grounds to watch football. Now these television companies and clubs care not a jot for their fans. has the host club or the visiting club ever given their fans a reduction in the admission price when they are taking in extra revenue from these shysters.I do realise that some people cannot attend the matches and it being televised is a bonus for them but more consideration should be given to those fans who wish to, or can attend.


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